How BIG Do You Want Your Business To Be…

(… And How Fast Do You Want To Get There)?

I’m Going to Dedicate The Next 12 Months of My Life to Help a Small Group of People Grow Their Business & Income Super Big, Super Fast…

Dear Friend,

I’m looking for people that I can turn into incredible success stories – stories that will inspire tens of thousands of others to step up and make their own business and life outrageously successful.

With my intensive support over the next 12 months, miracles can happen.

Over the years, I’ve been blown away by how much faster I could help other people achieve outrageous success than I could originally do for myself. Things that took me years and years, others have been able to do in mere months or even weeks with my support.

Watching my clients succeed over the years has changed my beliefs about what’s possible.

It took me 5 years to have my first 6 figure year. But I’ve helped others get there in just a few short weeks.

Now my clients are having $25K+ months, $100K+ months, and earning hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars per year.

And now it’s your turn.

I’m looking for motivated people who I can mentor intensively to achieve outrageous success over the next 12 months.

Here’s what that looks like…

Introducing the BIG Success VIP Mastermind

It’s a 12 month program designed to help you get BIG results now, that includes…

  • Mastermind Intensives
  • Online Training Programs
  • Live Event Elite VIP Passes
  • Elite VIP Status
  • Group Coaching Sessions with Me Personally
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Massive Momentum Virtual Masterminds
  • Instant Miracle™ Healing Sessions
  • Marketing Labs
  • Blissful Abundance Blessings
  • Personal Endorsement
  • Connections to Highly Influential People

Some previous topics we have covered during our in person Masterminds…

Mastermind Intensive:

Multi-Million Dollar Money Mindset

Most people aren't raised with successful money mindsets. They have to be created.

  • Eliminate your biggest money worries and stressors
  • Re-program yourself to experience non-stop financial abundance
  • Change your financial set point to 10X anything you’ve ever experienced before
  • Eliminate fears of success, fame, and fortune

Value: $20,000.00

Mastermind Intensive:

Create Your Crushing Offer

There’s nothing more critical to selling your programs than a crushing, irresistible offer.

  • A powerful webinar/teleclass/live workshop that you can use to sell your program to your list, at live events, and with JV partners
  • A high converting sales letter/sales video script that’s ready to rock (we’ll even dictate copy for you to use), or
  • Map out your product launch sequence for your most profitable product launch ever

Value: $20,000.00

Mastermind Intensive:

Highly Lucrative Live Events

Speaking and leading your own live events can be one of the most fun and most profitable things you can do in your business – if done right.

  • Avoid the biggest and most expensive mistakes most people make when leading their own live events
  • Get everything you need to create your live event name, promise, marketing plan, or your most essential marketing materials ready
  • Create your very own high end Mastermind Program

Value: $20,000.00

Mastermind Intensive:

Instant Miracle™ Mystic

Go even deeper with the Instant Miracle™ Technique for deeper healing, faster manifesting, and reveal even more of your truest self.

  • Master even more new techniques that work hand-in-hand with Instant Miracle™ to speed up healing on yourself and others
  • Unravel the mysteries of who you really are, what you really want, and who you need to be to have it all with ease and grace
  • Attract more money, love, health, and happiness than ever before

Value: $20,000.00

Mastermind Intensive:

Ultra High End Coaching

Selling high end coaching can be more profitable, lucrative, and rewarding than many people realize.

  • Gain extreme power and confidence in every phase of the client sign up conversations
  • Discover new distinctions for finding and enrolling new, ultra high end clients
  • Own your value on every level

Value: $20,000.00

Mastermind Intensive:

Accelerate Your Million Dollar Coaching Brand With AI

Are you ready to harness the full potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take your coaching business to new heights?

  • Gain an unfair advantage before everyone else in the ever-evolving coaching space using AI tools
  • Save valuable time and resources with AI outsourcing, freeing yourself from manual VA labor
  • Publish persuasive emails, and social media posts with a few clicks of a button
  • Design eye-catching graphics and videos that will attract and engage your audience
  • Quickly identify your ideal clients' interests and pain points, allowing you to tailor your approach to their needs more effectively
  • Maximize profitability by understanding how the different AI tools work together

Value: $20,000.00

Online Training Programs:

Access to ALL of my online training programs:

  • Free Your Time, Free Your Life
  • Make Your Programs Make You Millions
  • Big List Blueprint
  • High Profit JV Partnerships
  • High End Selling Secrets
  • Mastermind Millions
  • And over 35 more amazing programs!

Value: $104,000.00+

Next, you get to immerse yourself in the powerful, life-changing energy of my live events…

Elite VIP Passes to all of my live events over the next 12 months, including…

Certified AI Business Coach

At this powerful, 3-day live event, you will master…

  • Get in on the AI gold rush and become a go-to business coach in this new era
  • Your clients will hire you right away because not many businesses know how to implement AI
  • Develop rock-solid confidence in your ability to elevate client’s businesses with AI
  • You can command ultra high fees and attract high paying clients who seek your specialized expertise
  • Rapidly scale your client’s business and your own using AI

Value: $10,000.00

Heal Your Money $h*t Now

During this 3 day live event, you will…

  • Get rid of any weirdness and feel confident talking about your coaching fees
  • Rapidly let go of limitations that prevent you from experiencing financial abundance and living your best life
  • Attract the highest paying clients that don’t think twice about making the investment to work with you
  • Uncover and remove hidden money patterns that have kept you trapped since childhood
  • Confidently make and keep more money
  • Remove worries about spending too much money or losing money
  • Raise your rates to levels you never thought possible

Value: $2,000.00

Clients Live Clockwork

During this 3 day live event, you will discover how to…

  • Get clients quickly (in case you need a client asap).
  • Get clients consistently (so you don’t have to worry about droughts this coming fall, or during the holiday season ahead).
  • Get clients reliably (so you can have a full coaching practice for the rest of the year and beyond).
  • And much more…

Value: $2,000.00

High End Selling Secrets: Create Incredible Offers People Will Say Yes To at Any Price

Here's just some of what you'll discover…

  • Create a high end offer that scares and inspires you and does the same for the clients who are meant to work with you
  • Advanced sales strategies that'll get more of your ideal, high-paying clients to say “Yes” to your coaching
  • How to overcome objections to your coaching so clients will eagerly hire you without any questions
  • How to confidently ask for the big fees without feeling scared or squeamish
  • And a whole LOT more…

Value: $5,000.00

Instant Miracle™ Mastery - Level I

At this powerful, 4-day live event, you will master…

  • The “Instant Miracle™ Technique”
  • A Master-Level Version of the “Peace Process”
  • Muscle Testing
  • Energy Healing
  • And you’ll be certified as an Extraordinary Coach!

Value: $10,000.00

Instant Miracle™ Mastery - Level II

At this powerful event you will go even deeper with the Instant Miracle™ Technique so that you reveal your Truest, Highest self and create your most abundant life imaginable.

During 3 miraculous days together, you will…

  • Receive pre-installed abundance in your health, wealth, confidence, and free time, as well as pre-installations and healing work for your clients and everyone you want to serve
  • Discover how to use the Energy Inversion Technique to receive divine messages and free yourself from all unnecessary aches and pains
  • Master Micro Peace Processing, which is the next level of The Peace Process. With this powerful technique, you will let go of the most deep-rooted issues that you or your clients could possibly have
  • Discover a miraculous process called Face Healing, where you can heal clients and anyone you want simply by seeing their face or even a photo of them
  • Discover other abundance techniques such as the IM Vacuum, Infinite Self meditation and so much more…

Value: $10,000.00

Total Live Events Value: $32,000.00

Elite VIP Status

Elite VIP status includes…

  • Special red zoom backgrounds and other signifiers of your BIGs status
  • Special activities for BIGs only
  • Fun, exclusive BIGs gifts

Value: $5,000.00

Group Coaching With Me Personally…

For 8 sessions throughout the year, we’ll…

  • Get on Zoom to share our successes
  • Mastermind strategic questions about winning over JV Partners, hiring, selling, or anything you need
  • Eight 90-minute sessions (meeting on Zoom during the months we aren’t meeting in person)
  • 12 hours of coaching time with me

Value: $25,000.00

But, I want this transformation to go really deep for you, so I’m even giving you…

One-to-One Coaching With My Team

  • You’ll get three 30-minute sessions/month with my hand-picked, personally trained, highly successful, certified Instant Miracle™ Master Coach
  • Your coach will help keep you on track, heal up your stuff, and give you personalized, specific business advice based on our programs, their experience, and your situation

Value: $25,000.00

Instant Miracle™ Sessions…

  • 3-4 times each month you get to work with my best coaches to help you break through your fears, doubts, limiting thinking, or stuck energy
  • On our special BIGs only Zoom line for 90 minutes each session, you’ll get personalized support and group healing
  • Over 40 IM sessions each year

Value: $25,000.00

AI Marketing Labs

3-4 times each month you can get on zoom with my copywriting team

  • They’ll review your marketing materials, listen to your marketing strategies, and give you suggestions for improvement
  • Crush your copy
  • They’ll use AI to help you come up with great marketing materials right on the spot that you can use as your own to generate leads and customers
  • They’ll also share with you the latest and most effective marketing strategies out there
  • You’ll become a master marketer over time, by osmosis
  • 40 total sessions

Value: $50,000.00

Massive Momentum Virtual Masterminds

Each month throughout the year, you’ll…

  • Meet with a small group of your fellow BIGs for 60 minutes via Zoom to get breakthrough ideas or hurdle any roadblocks
  • Get ideas for naming your program, brainstorm a marketing idea, or anything else that’ll help you move forward faster
  • Celebrate BIG wins and get clear on your action items every month so you can keep up the momentum
  • Have a trusted small group you can lean on when you need help or are stuck during your coaching journey
  • And much much more!

Value: $20,000.00

Blissful Abundance Blessings

  • Each quarter share your most important goal with me, and I will do a special energy activation and blessing and visualize it coming into being for you
  • This taps into the energetic field to increase your odds of success and your speed of success

Value: Priceless

My Personal Endorsement

  • I’ll personally endorse you and your program giving you instant credibility in the marketplace
  • You’ll get a written testimonial of me raving about how awesome you and your programs are (upon review and coaching, if needed, to make sure your stuff is super awesome)
  • You’ll get pictures of us palling around together
  • Plus, potentially, pictures of you on my stage

Value: Priceless

And last, but not least, I give my BIG VIPs…

Connections to Highly Influential People

  • Is there someone you’d like to meet?
  • Is there a Big Fish JV Partner you’d like to connect with?
  • We have mixers from time to time with a lot of my highly influential friends – just for the BIGs
  • And if you want to meet someone that would be helpful to you, I’ll make an introduction for you
  • Nothing opens doors for you like a personal introduction

Value: Priceless

Big Results In 12 Months or Less…

You are infinitely powerful and have the ability to make all of your business success dreams come true.

With the intense support of me, my team, and the other superstars in the program, your big success is practically a foregone conclusion.

Are You Right for BIGs?

Not everyone who applies will get in:

  • I’m looking for people who can become my next big success stories
  • No whiners, complainers, or quitters
  • I’m looking for amazing people with great heart, attitude, and energy to add to our amazing community of BIGs

BIG Success Mastermind Recap…

It’s a 12-Month Program Designed to Help You Get Results Now.

Here’s a recap of everything that’s included…

Four Mastermind Intensives $80,000.00
40+ Online Training Programs $104,000.00
Live Event Passes $32,000.00
Elite VIP Status $5,000.00
Group Coaching Sessions with Me $25,000.00
1-1 Coaching with My Best Coaches $25,000.00
Massive Momentum Virtual Masterminds $20,000.00
Instant Miracle™ Healing Sessions $25,000.00
Marketing Labs $50,000.00
Blissful Abundance Blessings Priceless
Connections to Highly Influential People Priceless
My Personal Endorsement Priceless
TOTAL VALUE $366,000.00+

The Investment For The Big Success VIP Mastermind

I designed this to be a high end, high-touch experience. You could make Millions, but you won’t pay Millions.

It’s worth over $366,000.00+, but the investment is just…

  • $79,999 total (20 Payments of $3,995.95)
  • $62,000 Full Pay Option (Saving you $18,000)

The BIG Bonuses…

Live Event Guest Passes

  • Certified AI Business Coach: One Guest Pass, a $10,000.00 Value
  • Heal Your Money $h*t Now: Unlimited Guest Passes, a $10,000.00+ Value
  • Instant Miracle™ Mastery – Level I: One Guest Pass, a $10,000.00 Value
  • Instant Miracle™ Mastery – Level II: One Guest Pass, a $10,000.00 Value

Total Value: $40,000.00+

Bringing the total value of BIGs to $406,000.00!

Twelve Extra Months of BIGs!

We’re extending your BIGs Mastermind membership access through May 2025!

  • More 1-1 Coaching
  • More Masterminds
  • More Group Coaching Sessions, Marketing Labs, Healing Sessions, More Time With Me
  • More Everything!

Total Program Value: $406,000.00+ plus 12 extra months (Another $406,000.00+) = $812,000.00+ total value for 24 months of BIGs

Additional Bonuses for Paid in Full

  • Save $18,000
  • One-on-one session with Christian
    (Value: $25,000.00)

What it Means to Go BIG…

Becoming one of my “BIGs” means that you are committed to being your best self, living your best life, and making the greatest contribution you can make in your lifetime.

To go BIG means to step up in faith and not let fear rule your life.

To go BIG means you acknowledge your true worth and give yourself the support and the life you deserve.

You deserve this. Say “Yes” to yourself.

Let’s go BIG… together.

How to Get In…

Enter Your Information Below And Fill Out the Application On The Next Page.

NOTE: Even if you aren’t sure you’re joining yet, fill out the application because it will help you get clearer on where you are in your business and what you need next.

Listen to your fears.

Practice the Peace Process.

Work through them if you can. Trust and have faith if you can’t get all the way to the other side.

Get in touch with your intuition. Pray on it. Decide – be bold.

The BIG Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Do you want to play at this level?
  • Are you 100% committed to achieving your goals and dreams as quickly as possible?
  • Would you like my support to help you make it happen?

If yes, I truly hope we get the chance to work together inside this incredible program.

The deadline to submit your application is Saturday before the lunch break, but you may turn it in sooner for greater consideration.

This is going to be awesome!! I really hope we get to work together and become friends.

Enter Your Information Below And Fill Out the Application On The Next Page.

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