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Also, I thought it would be really helpful and powerful for you to see who we are (you are) as BIGs. That's why I've included our BIGs Core Code below for you.

The BIGs Core Code sets the stage for our 12 months together and is something you can come back to throughout the year, if you are accepted into the Mastermind. I strongly suggest you stand up, lift your chest, and read it out loud to yourself right now.

Congratulations, again, for taking the BIG step to joining me inside the Big Success VIP Mastermind! If we get to work together, which I hope we do…

This will be your best year yet!

Remember, once you've read the BIGs Core Code, be sure to keep an eye on your email with your important next steps for joining the Mastermind. 

I'm really looking forward to connecting more deeply and helping you unleash your most infinitely powerful self.

With all the love in my heart,

The BIGs Core Code

Members of the Big Success VIP Mastermind acknowledge that which makes us special and our success inevitable:

We believe everyone has a big mission in life. What sets us apart in BIGs is not our ability to create big change for ourselves and the world, but our commitment to making it happen. We stand by our core code even when we feel stretched. Because we know it is far greater to let the love in our hearts guide us than to let our fear hinder us.

The BIGs code is the North Star to which we set our sails for a massively fulfilling, massively successful life.

#1 Love

I treat myself and others with love and kindness.

#2 Truth

I seek truth and let go of story.

#3 Growth

I embrace growth and know that I can rise to the occasion no matter how challenging it may be.

#4 Contribution

I give more than I receive in the BIGs' community and the world.

#5 Courage

I have the courage to face my greatest fears.

#6 Leadership

I bring people together by taking 100% responsibility for my feelings, my results, and my commitments.

#7 Fun

I live with an open heart and a playful spirit.

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