As you can see, Limitless isn’t all about the BIGs. Only 2 BIGs were at Limitless. But, because I want to continue to carry over the DNA of the BIGs culture into Limitless, I’m going to be opening up space for 3 more BIGs or BIGs alumni to be a part of Limitless before the end of the year, and for those select few, we’re going to make an “offer you can’t refuse”.

If you’d like to apply for one of these spots and get more of the nitty gritty details about what’s included in Limitless, you can fill out the application form online here. And then Jill or I will hop on the phone with you to discuss options and see if you’d be a great fit to get an official invitation. Then, we’ll share our special “Founding Members” offer.

Just imagine what being in close proximity to me and the other Limitless members in a tight knit, ultra supportive community for the next year and beyond could do for you.

Fill out the application here.

Limitless Love,

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